AC Hacks

In certain parts of the world, air conditioning is more of a necessity than it is a luxury. As much as you’d want to live economically, the sweltering heat will have you splurge when it comes to AC. And the stress of a broken air conditioning unit on a hot tiring day is inexplicable. We present to you our list of simple hacks to help you save costs or to keep you cool till help arrives.

Duct Sealing – In case of leaks or cracks, seal the ducts in your cooling systems with an aluminum tape.

Disconnect – At night, unplug all of the electronics that need not run. This will not only save enormous amounts of energy but will also help lower the core temperature of the house.

Cooling pillows and sheets – Splurge on cooling pillows and sheets to avoid using your AC unit at night when you sleep. At night, the temperature is considerably lower compared to the day. Cooling pillows and sheets are designed especially to keep you cool and comfy in hot temperatures.

Use ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans will distribute the cool air uniformly throughout the room. So instead of setting a very low temperature on your AC and making it work harder, just use a ceiling fan.

Kill the lights – However small, but lights do make a difference in the temperature of your house. And if you do not have CFL or LEDs, better get your old lights replaced with these.

How to – AC hack – Create your own DIY air conditioning using a cooler, some copper tubing and cold water.

General Maintenance – Make sure that you replace your AC filters quarterly for clean, fresh air and maximum airflow. Clogged filters will increase the AC unit’s energy consumption and reduce the airflow. The air passing through these dirty filters may even carry dirt with it causing allergies.

Professional Maintenance – Get your AC condenser cleaned professionally. A dirty condenser will reduce the airflow and make your AC work harder thereby consuming more energy.

Hydration – The more hydrated you are, the better your body is to regulate your temperature and minimize water loss through sweating or evaporation. It will also help your body stay cool.

Simple Air Conditioning – If your AC unit has broken down or for some reason you don’t have a working AC unit to keep you cool, try this hack. Simply place a bowl of ice in front of a fan. The fan will help dissipate the cool air released from the bowl.

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