Cleaning Hacks

The internet is brimming with cleaning hacks, and why not, considering the fact that clean houses have been an obsession since before the Victorian era. Though the Victorian era took things to a whole different level, let us come back to the present and revel in the fact that this era deserved to die. We have compiled for you, a list of tried, tested and ‘Hey! It worked’ hacks, to help with your cleaning regime in your day to day life.

The Coffee Grinder – Though coffee is a necessity to deal with the outside world every day, cleaning a coffee grinder is another hassle. Well, not anymore. Rice, baking soda and voila, clean coffee grinder.

Lazy Trash hack – Instead of taking out you trash bag and replacing it every time, why not just layer it? WHY didn’t I think of this before?

Hard Water Scales – If you reside in places when the water is hard, you will notice stains on your faucets, showerheads and scales on your bathtub and sinks as a result of mineral residue. But, vinegar to rescue…

White sneakers – If your white sneakers are tucked away because they aren’t so white anymore, it’s time to bring them out. All you will need is some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Clean your grill – You thought it was a pain, but let us present to you this hack. Just some damp towels and you have a clean grill.

Sink full of dishes – As stressful as it already is, if you are not using a dishwasher, and you eat together as a family, a sink full of dishes is a nightmare. If this wasn’t enough, some of the food stuck on these dishes dries up and is very hard to remove. To make things easy, just boil some water and pour over the dishes to make cleaning them easier.

Sterile sponges – As much as you have washed that sponge, it is still a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead just microwave it for a few seconds and you have a clean sponge!

Clean oven – To clean your oven without using any harsh chemicals, just microwave lemon squeezed in some water and when the oven cools, wipe off the scum.

Blender jars – Right after you are done blending your breakfast smoothie, blend some soapy water in the jar, and there you go.

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