Laundry Hacks

Laundry is a dreaded chore, even for a cleanliness-obsessed person; and well, there seems to be no end to it. There is laundry piling up every single day of the year and it wears people’s hearts away from this activity though we have the luxury of washing machines and dryers. Add to it the misery of clothes shrinking, stains from dyes released by some clothes, colors fading and what not? So sit back and read through our list of simple tricks to help you with some of the classic laundry issues.

Clothes that shrink – So you use hot water for laundry and it shrunk your favorite piece of clothing. We’ve got you covered. Soak the shrunken item in lukewarm water and add some amount of conditioner to it. Soak for a while, rinse the clothing and stretch it to requirement. Let it dry and there you are!

Aluminum Foil Hack – As a reusable and cost-effective hack, just drop a crushed ball of aluminum foil in your dryer to prevent your clothes from attracting dust due to static electricity.

Make it Quick – The Quick Wash setting on your washing machine does a great job of cleaning your laundry as does any other setting. Try to reduce your laundry time and save electricity and water by running your machine on a Quick Wash setting for everyday clothes.

Work your denims – To avoid denims from fading over time, soak them in salt water; or better yet, just freeze them.

Clean washing Machine – Washing machines tend to become a bacteria breeding ground because of the excess moisture and some washing machines also start to get smelly over time. To avoid this, add a cup or two of white vinegar and run the machine on its hottest setting. No harsh chemicals, and you have a naturally disinfected washing machine.

Wrinkle-free clothes – To get wrinkle-free clothes right out of the dryer, throw a few ice cubes (not too many) into it and operate the dryer on its hottest setting. Also make sure there is not a lot of load in the dryer for this hack to work.

Laundry Sorting – To avoid laundry mistakes, especially running colors, make sure you separate the lights, the darks, the denims and other laundry baskets that fit your need. Then you can wash each laundry basket separately. Easy, wasn’t it?

Vibrant Clothes – Simply add a cup of white vinegar to your whites to keep them sparkling white. For dark colors though, you can add a cup of salt in the rinse cycle to keep the colors bright.

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