Plumbing Hacks

A perfect home is a huge responsibility, and there are times when things go out of hand; because… HELLO EMERGENCIES!!!! Though it is best to seek professional help in case of bigger issues like sudden pipe bursts or excessive water leakage, there are however simple hacks to save you the buck, or for that matter, help contain the problem till professional help arrives. We have complied a list of simple hacks to keep you prepared and contribute to a perfect home.

De-clogging a toilet – There may be times when you find your toilet clogged because of things that should not have been flushed down there in the first place. However, to de-clog, you can simply squeeze a generous amount of shampoo or hand soap follower by pouring very hot water down the toilet bowl. This should help unclog it. If the problem persists, you can then use a plunger, auger or seek professional help.

Smelly kitchen drains – Kitchen drains can smell over time because of rotten food or scum accumulation in the pipes. This problem can be avoided without using harsh chemicals or professional plumbing aid. Just some baking soda and lemon juice, and you can have a fresher aroma in the kitchen.

Leaking Toilet – To detect if your toilet is leaking, add a few dye tablets or some food coloring in the tank. Water in the tank changes color and when you start seeing the colored water in toilet bowl without flushing it, you’ve found a leak. Call a plumber as soon as you can to avoid water wastage.

Save water in the Kitchen – Water is a precious resource and it is no news that most of the water in our households is used in the kitchen. To minimize usage and ultimate wastage, we have a few suggestions. Always run your dishwasher with a full load. Wash vegetables in a basin instead of a running faucet. Also, if you wash dishes by hand, fill the sink with soapy water instead of letting the faucet run unnecessarily. When done, rinse under a light stream of water.

Leaky pipe connections – If there seems to be water leakage from the place where two pipes are connected, follow this simple hack using a plumber’s tape. Remember to keep a bucket handy and turn off the water supply before you start to avoid a mess, and to avoid spraying your face.

Clogged Sink Drain – As if getting people to do their dishes wasn’t a big problem in itself, following closely at its heels are clogged sink drains. No, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. Grab some coffee and let’s get down to it!

Pipe cracks – Before you start, turn off your water supply. If there is a very small perforation in your PVC pipe, you can fix this using … take a guess… DUCT TAPE! Yes. Wrap it well and you’re good to go. If the crack, though, is about an inch or so, it can be sealed using a pipe clamp or a sealant applied directly on the crack. Let the sealant dry and voila! But if the cracks are even bigger, you can go for a professional pipe repair kit. Use rubber gloves, follow directions on the kit, and after wrapping the patch tightly with your hand, let it dry. For more damage, that may require replacing the pipe, consult a professional.

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